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Cloverleaf Pressurised Filter

Cloverleaf launched their own range of an effective pressure filter with an integral UV clarifier. These pressurised filters provide 3 stage filtration through the use of fine and coarse foams and bacto balls as well as an integrated UVC to keep your pond crystal clear.

As these filters are sealed they can be buried in the earth up to the head unit, allowing the filter unit to blend into the surroundings much easier, much more flexible than a standard filter box.

What is a pressurised filter?

A pressurised filter is a water tight canister that utilises the pump flow rate to force the water through a collection of sponges in order to filter out the debris within the pond water.

The cleaning of the Cloverleaf pressurised pond filter is simple, all you have to do its turn the control valve to the waste position and spin the handle on the top of the filter until the water runs clear.

When the water runs clear, return the filter control valve back to its normal position.

These filters have a built in ultra violet clarifier, which helps in keeping your pond water clean and healthy.

Sponge elements and bio media replacements are available.

Available in 3 different models