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Garden pond construction – how to build a garden pond

Think about why you want to build a garden pond, is it for koi and/or goldfish, wildlife, aquatic plants or as a focal point for your garden?

The reason why you want a pond in your garden will influence the style and positioning of your pond in your garden.

A wildlife pond tends to be at the bottom of the garden, somewhere for peace and quiet. A pond for koi is more likely to be a focal point and nearer the house for everyone to enjoy the sights and sounds.

There are a number of things to take into consideration when and where you are going to build your garden pond.

Garden pond build

  • SHADE – Try and avoid siting your pond near any trees. The leaves will fall into the water and cause problems removing them or by not removing them, decaying and harming the water quality.
  • Underground Services – Check where your sewer, pipes and cables are and avoid!
  • Plan where your electricity is coming from for pumps and filters if required for your pond build.
  • Safety – Safety when dealing with water is paramount for all concerned.

Garden Pond Build – A wildlife pond will attract all types of wildlife, even frogs!

A raised garden pond is ideal if you are worried about water safety.

A small garden pond can add that something special to your garden setting.