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Green Pond Water and how to get rid if it!

Does your pond have the look of one of your least favourite soups, that being Pea Soup?
Then take out ten minutes of your day to read through our tips that will help you keep your pond looking crystal clear, whether you choose to use chemicals or are looking for a more natural approach to keeping your pond clear of algae.

Your choice of filter will help you keep algae at bay, however they do not completely keep your pond clear.
There are two different types of main filters and Ultra Violet Filter and a Biological Filter.
Lets take a look at the Ultra Violet filter first.

An ultra violet pond filter will help keep single celled green algae at bay from your pond. The pond water passes through the ultra violet light rays where it becomes sterilised which causes the algae to flocculate together, which in turn cleans the water on its way back to the pond.
The amount of sunlight that your pond is exposed to during the daylight hours will affect what size of UV filter you choose to buy.

Easy Pod Complete Filter

Easy Pod Complete Filter System, ideal for garden ponds up to 10,000 litres

A biological pond filter involves the pond water being filtered through a number of mechanical traps where particles and useful bacteria help clean the pond water. A biological pond filter can offer great water filtration and often requires less maintenance than other pond filters.

There are a number of chemicals available to buy on the market that will help combat algae in your pond, one of the best on the market currently is Algae Control by Oase. This is a very effective algae control chemical that releases an enzyme into the water to kill of majority of blanket weed, string algae, blue/green algae and slimy algae. It is advisable not to use in wildlife or ornamental ponds when frogs or toads are spawning, and remember to remove as much of the dead algae as possible once you have treated as leaving this in the water will reduce the amount of oxygen in the water.

Algo Universal

Algo Universal – water treatment for algae

If you are looking for a more natural approach to controlling blanket weed and algae in your pond the you may want to consider using Barley Straw a relatively keep and effective natural method. Simply stuff the barley straw into fish net tights or onion bags and place into the pond. It can take up to 8 weeks for it to take affect and you must remember to remove the partially and dead barley straw as if you don’t this will add further unwanted nutrients into your pond water.

Another effective and natural method is the use of water lilies, not only do they look pretty they also help keep the sunlight off the water, therefore reducing the amount of algae that can be produced. Water Lilies can take a few years to get established in a pond so you may want to look at other methods whilst this is in growth.

Water Lily a great addition to any pond.

Water Lily a great addition to any pond.

Regular maintenance on your pond will help keep the pond looking crystal clear and less like pea soup, and remember you should never need to do a complete water change unless absolutely necessary on your pond water as this will stress your fish and your plants out.