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After a marathon session of back to back episodes of Pond Master with the talented Anthony Archer-Willis  ,

it got us thinking about natural pools here in the UK, they are getting increasingly popular and thanks to the warmer weather that we are experincing, investing in a natural swimming pool is a great choice.

Its true that not all of us live in ten acre properties that can accomodate a large natural swimming pool, however , we have collated a few images here to be inspired for the smaller sized natural pool, there is something for everyone.

Benefits of a natrual swimming pool:

Eco Friendly to the enviroment ( no use of any nasty chemiclas to keep the water clean)

Low maintenance ( a natural pool becomes part of the garden that you tend to lovingly)

Improve the natural envirment around them


How does it work we hear you ask, well the natural purifying properties of plants and micro-organisms enable the pool to maintain  a clean, clear and healthy body of water, all year round, and yes, you can heat it if you want to!

There are a number of pumps and electrics required to run the natural pool, but in comparing it to a normal swimming pool it is nothing, at the end of a project you get a swimming pool that looks like it has always been there!


If you are interested in a natrual swimming pool or natural plunge pool for your property then contact a member of the Pond Stars UK team today.