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Pond Clean Dorset – Spring Clean

Spring is in the air, which means your pond water temperatures will be going up, your koi will be beginning to awaken from their winter slumber and will be searching for food.

Spring is the ideal time to carry out any maintenance that your filter system requires, from the basic flushing out of any dirt from the system to replacing any parts such as a new UV bulb, keeping your filter system running at is optimum for the coming months.

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This is also the ideal time to squeeze out your filter foams into a bucket of pond water, to remove any waste that may restrict the water flow through the foams. If these foams are showing signs of wear and tear now is a good a time as any to replace these foams. If you are replacing the foams, we would advise that you use a starter bacteria such as the Evolution Aqua Filter Start Gel that will jump start the beneficial bacteria activity.

With the warmer water temperatures algae will begin to bloom, if you have had your UV turned off during the winter now is the time to turn it back on and replace your bulb! If you do have an issue with algae bloom, then one of the tried and tested treatments is the Clover Leaf blanket answer, click here for further information.

Any dead plants that are in the pond should be removed, if they haven’t been already, before the water becomes warm enough for decomposition to begin. Dying plants should be pruned back and any debris on the bottom of the pond hoovered up.

pond clean dorset

pond clean dorset

As your pond water temperatures rise your fish will become more active, but as spring approaches their immune systems will be weak and they will be vulnerable to ulcers, excess mucus and parasite infections. Look out for signs of excess mucus, “flashing” and rubbing. Treat fish with the correct medication to solve these health issues.