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Pond Construction – The basics!

Pond Construction is more than just digging a hole and chucking a liner in!

Once you have chosen your pond position and have dug out your desired pond shape, what you use to line the hole is important.

There are a number of materials to choose from, including flexible water proof liners, semi-solid pre-formed ponds, concrete and fibre glass.

Liner - Pond Construction

Pond Construction : Liner

Suitable For: Different Shaped Ponds

Best Pond Construction Time : Spring & Autumn

Difficulty : Medium to difficult, shape and size dependent

Pond Construction - Pre Formed

Pond Construction : Pre-formed

Suitable for : Time Saver

Best Pond Construction time: Spring. Summer & Autumn

Difficulty: Easy

Pond Construction - Concrete & Fibreglass

Pond Construction : Concrete & Fibre Glass

Suitable for: Large Ponds, box shaped ponds

Best Pond Construction time: Spring, Summer

Difficulty: Difficult – Specialist required for fibre glass finish

Pond Construction – The basics include how you are going to line your pond.

A flexible pond liner allows for maximum freedom of shape and size for pond construction. Most suitable for creating a natural look to the garden pond.

Butyl pond liner is a strong rubber material that can be repaired is required with patches. Many of these pond liners now come with a 25-year guarantee if not a lifetime (whose lifetime we are yet to determine!). The common colour is black which is most suitable and gives a natural appearance to the pond.

A pre-formed pond is ideal for easy pond construction. They come in various shapes and sizes and are made from reinforced plastics or fibre glass.

The design of these pre-formed ponds normally includes planting ledges for marginal pond plants. Best suited for starter ponds, fibre glass is a very durable material, so you should have very few if any problems with this type of pond construction.

Pond Construction using concrete and finished with fibre glass coating allows you to be really creative with the pond design. Bear in mind that constructing a pond using this method is time consuming and can be on the more expensive side of things. Also take into consideration that is a leak in the pond appears it can be hard to locate the exact positioning and may result in a further layer of fibre glass finishing.