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Design Inspiration

Pond Design Inspiration – Deciding that you want a pond or water feature in your garden, is the easy bit, choosing what style you want, what size you want, whether you want to keep koi, can be a more difficult decision to make.

To help you make choices look through our pond design inspiration pages.

The right design of your pond from the beginning means that with the correct maintenance you have a stunning retreat right in your own back garden, offering you and your family the chance for a moment of solitude and reflection, ultimately improving your mental health and wellbeing.

The landscaping surrounding the pond will have an overall effect on the finished project, think about the design of your pond and whether it will slot into your existing landscaping or if you will budget for a complete garden overhaul.

You can choose between compact and simple to expansive and extravagant depending on the space you have available, your ability and your budget.

Remember it doesn’t have to be an outside pond, with careful planning a water feature and even a pond can be incorporated into your indoor space.