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Regular pond maintenance is important to keep your garden pond and its habitants clean and healthy.

Each pond is unique in its maintenance schedule, depending on its size,construction, plants and the fish and wildlife it has been stocked with.

As an example as pond that has been designed with a simple shape where the water can circulate freely and has a balance of plants and fish will require minimul maintenance, thinning of plants on a seasonal basis and checking the health of the koi/fish.

On the flip side a pond that has been designed with a complicated shape, shallow shelving and over hanging trees will need more attention. Without a filtration system appropriate for the size of the pond there may be areas where water will collect and stagnate.

Most gardens have trees in them , and these can cause problems for the garden pond owner. Falling to the bottom of the pond,where they decompose and give off noxioius gases which are harmful to the water quality and ultimately the health of the koi.

There are a number of ways to prevent this from happening. If you are having a new pond built then the incorporation of a bottom drain and built in pond skimmers is important .If you are addressing the problem of falling leaves in an existing pond, a floating pond skimmer can be purchased,and if neccessary a fine net can be placed over the pond to catch the leaves.

Pond Skimmer A surface skimmer will draw debris from around its surrounding area, removing particles before they settle and harm the water quality. A surface skimmer does not require a seperate pump and are great to use in an existing pond,ideal for retro fitting. An addition of a pond skimmer to your pond will enrich the water with oxygen and are easy to use,and work with fluctuating water levels, they do however require a minimum depth to operate at their full potential. The Pond Stars UK team have selected a floating skimmer that is of high quality and great for clearing the water surface. The Oase Swimskim 25 & Swimskim 50. The powerful suction of the swimskim cleans a pond surface of up to 50m squared,resulting in an improved water quality. Both the Swimskim 25 & 50 have extremely strong suction,easy cleaning with the removable basket, an intergrated injector that enriches the pond with oxygen and an automatic adaption to any water level from a 40cm water depth. The added function of the whirlpool on the Swimskim 50 helps with the avoidence of any floor sedimentation and is fitted with energy saving motor technology. We have a large range of pond skimmers available to purchase today, call Pond Stars UK for more information. Oase SwimSkim

Weather can cause some additional upkeep,colder weather can cause problems with frost/ice sealing off the water surface preventing oxygen from reaching the water and the Koi. This is not much of a problem over a short period of timeasfish do slow down in the colder months and need less oxygen.

You can counteract the problem of a feezing pond with a pond heater and a good filtration and pump systems which circulates the water.

In very hot weather there is a danger of the pond water becoming too hot and oxygen levels becoming very low,causing the death of the Koiand other wildlife that inhabits the pond.

This is easily prevented by pumping water through an additional water feature ,such as a fountain. The drops of water from the fountain willbe re-charged with oxygen before returning to the pond.

Floating Fountain – Water Starlet This floating fountain is easy to installand easy to maintain. It is safe and energy efficient. With 5 different nozzles, and each style of water jetted being illuminated with the LED rings. Ideal for use in garden ponds and even swimming ponds. This and other styles of fountains are available from Pond Stars UK, contact us today for further information.oase starlet floating fountain

Adding oxygenating plants to the pond will also aid in combatting against problems caused by the weather.

These plants absorb the carbon dioxide given out by the koi and return oxygen to the water. Incorporating pond plants into your pond will also help with the prevention of algae growth,as the plants will prevent sunlight from reaching parts of the pond water stopping the growth and spread of algae.

Looking after your pond plants all year round, will prove worth the effort when they come to bloom!

Looking after your pond plants all year round, will prove worth the effort when they come to bloom!


A deep pond clean every couple of years is great pond maintenance.This is a chance for debris to be removed and for the construction of the pond checked, with any repairs needed done at this time.

Water plants can be thinned out and the kois health can be checked over,this is also a good time to thin down the quantity of fish stock if its needed.

Pond Clean

Do you think your pond could do with a clean? Contact Pond Stars UK today, pond maintenance starting from as little as £50.