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Pond Perfect came into the hands of Pond Stars UK a few years ago, and we were amazed by the results, with just six bottles we went on the hunt to source this product, not just for ourselves but for our loyal customers and their ponds too!

By pass a year or so and we can now happily announce that Pond Stars UK can now supply pond lovers across the UK with this amazing product!

As an independent company, we only sell products that we have tried and tested and use ourselves, so we can guarantee that this product is one (if not the) best product that you can use for your pond.

We all know, as pond owners, that healthy water means healthy fish, and this product helps target the excess nutrients in the pond, eradicating that dreaded pea soup colour making your pond crystal clear, eliminating foul pond odours and digest organic sludge, which helps maintain the required oxygen levels during the warmer months of the year.

The product has been welcomed with open arms in the US with great testimonials coming in for the product from across the nation

“It is great to have an environmentally safe product that works as advertised”

J Peeler, Henson Robinson Zoo, Springfield, IL

“You absolutely cannot go wrong with Pond Perfect. I have been in this business a long time, and totally recommend Pond Perfect, you can’t beat it!”

  1. Dillon, Owner of Outdoor Magic Garden Centre, Blauvelt, NY

“Pond Perfect keeps our pond so clean that you can swim in it….and we do!”

B Kuchinski, Peaceful Ponds, Charlotte, NC


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So, what is Pond Perfect we hear you cry?

Well, Pond Perfect is an all-purpose biological pond additive specially formulated with the needs of a busy pond owner in mind. Since Pond Perfect solves all common pond problems, there is very little need for any other pond treatments.


Crystal Clear Water

Pond Perfect eliminates pea-soup color, and makes your pond crystal clear.

Eliminates Foul Pond Odors

Pond Perfect quickly eliminates sulfide and other pond odors.

Digests Organic Sludge

Pond Perfect digests bottom sludge, which helps maintain required oxygen levels during the summer heat.


There are often questions asked about pond treatments, so here we have answered the most common questions in regard to Pond Perfect.

If you have questions that are not answered here then please do contact us, we are happy to help and advice. CONTACT


  • Is PondPerfect safe for my fish and aquatic plants?   It is completely natural and non-toxic, and will have no adverse effects on fish or vascular plants. PondPerfect is not a chemical!
  • How often do I use PondPerfect? Use PondPerfect weekly once the pond is in good condition.  If starting off with a problem pond, use every couple days until the problem is gone.
  • What is the shelf life? 18 months guaranteed shelf life from purchase by end user.
  • How do you know PondPerfect is working in a pond that already looks good? The pond will remain crystal-clear, and there will be no build-up of sludge, which would occur in any un-treated pond.
  • When will I see results with PondPerfect? Odors will be eliminated in 3 to 7 days, while algae, will clear up in 2-4 weeks.  Severe problems may take 2 to 3 months to resolve.
  • When should I begin using PondPerfect in my pond? Preferably, dose a few weeks before problems usually occur.  However, you can always begin dosing once a problem arises and solve that problem.  PondPerfect works best when there is some organic sludge to be broken down, which is needed for the removal of nitrate, which is a food source for algae.
  • In what water temperatures will PondPerfect work? 45 degrees or higher
  • Can I use any other chemical along with PondPerfect? Use of other chemicals such as copper is not recommended. If applying copper or an algaecide, wait 48 hours after applying algaecide before dosing with PondPerfect.  .
  • What are the ingredients in PondPerfect and how do they work? A patented mixture of various beneficial Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacter, and bacillus species of bacteria specifically grown to consume excessive nutrients.
  • When is the best time of day to use PondPerfect? We recommend dosing in the evening, allowing PondPerfect to distribute and settle into the pond without the adverse affects of sunlight.  We strongly recommend turning off any UV skimmers or sterilizers for at least 12 hours after applying PondPerfect.






Pond Perfect