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Benefits of a Pressurised Pond Filter

Ponds can be deep or shallow, natural or constructed, liners, concrete of fibreglass finishes, whatever their construction the filtration system is always vital to the water quality and the health of your koi.

One of our favourite filtration systems for garden ponds is the external pressurised filter.

These are nice systems that can be easily hidden out of sight, behind foliage or partially submerged into the ground.

Pressurised pond filter Pond Stars UK

Benefits of pressurised pond filter – Pond Stars UK

Connected to the correct pond pump, a pressurised pond filter will provide outstanding results.

So how do they work? Simple, water is sucked into the filter and then forced through the filters which remove the debris and then forces it out to the pond.


  • *Pressurised filter allows water to run up hill
  • * Biological & mechanical filter chambers are more efficient at removing dissolved debris and solid waste
  • * Can cope with higher water flows compared to traditional gravity fed filters
  • * Easy cleaning
  • * Dirty water can be re-directed and used to fertilise your garden plants


Prior to picking your filtration system you must take into consideration the position, ideally at the planning stage, remember hose and cable positioning.

Pond Volume Calculation

Pond Volume Calculation

Checking your ponds water volume will avoid long term problems with incorrect filter size or insufficient water turnover for the volume of the pond.

You can never over filter your pond, so make sure that what you do choose is the best for your pond.

Example – If you have a 10,000 litre pond volume, then a 10,000 litre filter will be working flat out to cope with the amount of water, this is not even taking into consideration any environmental factors and quantity of fish. Rule of thumb is look for a filter that will do double your volume of water.

If you have a high volume of fish stock it is advisable to choose a filter that can cope with two or even three times the actual volume of pond water.

Below are three of our most popular pressurised filters, we have a working display model at our show site in Wimborne, so you can see the filter in action prior to your purchase!

Pressure Filter Pond Stars UK

Pressure Filter Pond Stars UK