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Clients Brief: On purchasing the house it was evident that the previous owners had lost all interest in the pond, the new owners wanted to bring it back to life, to be able to enjoy the sound of running water and create a home for a small collection of Koi.

Bio: It was evident that this pond had been left to its own devices for a long period of time, and the challenge of getting it back to its formal glory is one that the Pond Stars UK team loves!

All fish and wildlife had to be removed and placed into the temporary accommodation for the duration of the pond renovation.

Once this was done the pond could be drained and the old pond liner removed, then in came the digger to excavate to make the pond slightly larger and deeper.

On this pond renovation EPDM pond liner was used to line the pond, and clients choose a local natural stone to do the ponds edging and to create the two natural rock waterfalls, that were being placed at either end of the pond.The waterfalls have been designed to incorporate native pond plants.

Underwater lighting has also been installed so that the pond can be enjoyed well into the night!

Mimosa Before

Mimosa Dig out








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