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Easy Pod Complete Filter System

Easy Pod Complete Filter System

Our new clients were on the verge of making the decision the fill their koi pond in, that was until they came to speak to us.

Unfortunately, a Nexus Easy pod filter system had been fitted incorrectly, which meant that it couldn’t do its job properly, in fact it had stopped working altogether, which was leaving the water looking like black tea!

On draining the pond down, our team discovered that the easy pod AND its connecting pipework were full to the brim with pond sludge, not a nice job, but we got in there!

In this instance it was easier to replace the easy pod with the upgrade model of The Nexus Easy pod Complete and alongside this a 20,000 litre pressure filter was added with its corresponding pump to aid in the filtration of this pond, keeping the water crystal clear, and more importantly enabling the clients to enjoy their koi pond once again.

Many of the existing pond plants had outgrown their space, and the koi were foraging and eating the roots, to solve this the majority of the plants have been removed with new smaller added to a planting ledge with a retaining wall, these pond plants will also help make the water top quality!


As a team Pond Stars UK come across a number of ponds and natural swimming pools that have had either the wrong filter system for their size and /or fitted incorrectly, and this has affected the health of the koi, the water quality and the overall enjoyment of the pond itself.


We have had a pond for some years and employed various people to clean or improve the pond and have always ended up disappointed. Although the actual pond and edging looked nice the water quality was never good. Only in the winter did the pond clear enough for us to actually see the fish and enjoy them which last year, with the constant rain, was not even possible.  We popped in to Pond Stars and chatted to Gary and Katie and, following a visit to look at the pond, work was commenced to clean the pond and filter.  From the start Gary discussed everything with us and came up with solutions to any problems which we either had in the past or might experience in the future!  In addition to cleaning and changing the Easy Pod and filter, Gary built an internal wall to contain the marginals as the fish had a habit of knocking them in the pond!  A decking area was also built to disguise the Easy Pod and to enable us another view of the fish.


We had honestly almost reached the point of filling in the pond so it has been a real treat to find a company who has made the pond a source of pleasure at last.  All the team at Pond Stars worked with care and consideration and we would not hesitate to recommend them. We can’t wait to add some fish to our lovely pond.


Thank you all at Pond Stars!

Our pride and passion in what we do always shines through in our top quality workmanship, our ability to solve pond problems and our thorough pond restoration, and most of the time we do this all with a smile on our faces!

Do you have a pond problem, contact us today, let us be your pond doctors!




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