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Koi Pond Construction – A redundant drainage ditch that needed to turned into something pretty, for guests staying at this boutique B&B in the New Forest to relax by during their stay.
Excavation began to widen the “ditch” and to allow for all pipework and electric cables to be laid.
25m x 8m of EPDM Pond Liner with pond underlay was used on this pond construction, supplied from Gordon Low Products, a high-quality pond liner with a life time guarantee, not only is this liner great quality but good to work with.
After consultation with our client and viewing several filtration options, the chosen filter system for this pond build was the PFC 50,000 from All Pond Solutions, this filter has a built in 55w UV which is ideal for helping to keep the water clear and healthy, preventing the growth of algae and eliminates harmful microorganisms and parasites which may cause harm to the fish.
The PFC, a filter system which is continuously under pressure from the pond pump, works with the pond water being fed directly from the pond pump through the filter container and then onto the outlet. The pond pump that corresponds with this filter unit is the Eco 16,000 Pond Pump. The innovative electronics in this pond pump offer massive energy savings, low noise and long durability whilst remaining at a high-performance level. The eco pump is designed to circulate water to the pond filter, with the pump cage designed to prevent clogging by providing a maximum surface area for drawing water in through the guard.
The pond has a beach finish, which means one end is shallower to allow for wildlife to also enjoy the wonders of a water life, the beach is made up of a mix of Scottish pebbles and shingle and edge with a selection of marginal plants, with the natural rock edging the deeper parts of the pond.
This pond has been designed to fit in with its natural woodland surroundings, and have been finished with extensive landscaping, which includes a sleeper seating area for guests at the B&B to sit and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the koi pond.

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