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Raised Koi Pond Construction – Dorset

Raised Koi Pond Construction – Dorset

Raised Koi Pond Construction

Having grown up with koi ponds, Mr M now wanted to be able to share that joy with his own little family.

Knowing exactly what he wanted and how much he wanted to spend, the project got underway.

The positioning of the pond was important as Mr M wanted to be able to enjoy the pond from various positions in the garden, and taking this into consideration a koi pond viewing window was incorporated into the design.

A concrete base was constructed with all relevant pipework’s, then the pond walls. The pond viewing window was installed, and the pond was then fibre glassed, with the outside walls being rendered and painted to match the new retaining garden wall to the right of the pond.

Once painted and pond up and running Mr M was able to hand pick pond plants for the planting shelf that is at the rear of the pond along with a few choice koi.

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