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Raised Koi Pond - Pond Construction

Raised Koi Pond – Fossil Feature

Client wanted to improve and increase the size of this courtyard pond so that they were able to house koi.

The courtyard pond has gone from a shallow goldfish pond to a raised koi pond with viewing window, LED water blades and a dragon water feature.

The old pond was removed and a new brick built structure was put into its place.

A koi viewing window has been installed, allowing our clients to view their koi in their habitat.

This raised pond has been finished with a fibre glass lining and a decorative stone cladding that includes fossil features, cladding it in stone to make the pond similar to the existing stone slab landscaping.

The raised koi pond has been fitted with a 50,000 PFC pressurised filter and corresponding pond pump. With the overflow running through the LED water blade into a shallower pond, next to this you will find a metal cast dragon water feature, that has been installed with a separate water reservoir supply to the main pond.

Pond Stars UK carry out a number of pond constructions throughout the year, taking care in the  design to bring a bit of water paradise to the garden.
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