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Pond Maintenance is essential to the health of your pond.

Without care your garden pond can soon become an eyesore, overgrown plants, weeds and unhealthy water.

Most ponds will need cleaning from time to time and if this is something that you don’t fancy doing yourself then let the team at Pond Stars UK take the stress away from you.

So all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your pond, at its best, all of the time.

Regular pond maintenance packages start from as little as £40 per month.


Pond Maintenance - Pond Stars UK - Dorsets Leading Pond Care Company

Although your pond is equipped with an advanced filtration system, it still requires a certain degree of attention and care to continue to appear and function at its best.

In nature, fish live in vast quantities of water. In your pond, hi-tech filtration methods go above and beyond mother nature’s abilities to keep such a small body of water clean.

In fact, many ponds with heavy fish loads or excessive debris require more frequent cleaning. On the other hand, lightly stocked ponds with little to no debris, or well-maintained ponds might extend the time between cleanings to two or even three years. Regardless of the timing, a clean (not “clogged”) bio filter will greatly improve pond water clarity and quality. Perhaps the most important pond maintenance task is a weekly clean out of the skimmer. This involves emptying the skimmer basket of leaves and other debris, and rinsing the skimmer mat as needed. Keeping the skimmer clean, helps to ensure that your pond stays free of unsightly debris that might otherwise cloud and degrade water quality, and clog up the pump and/or bio filter.

Although your pond will water your aquatic plants for you, they still need occasional trimming and other attention. Water lilies and lotus among other fast growing aquatics require repotting just about every year. This will ensure that they have room for new growth, and along with monthly fertilization will keep them looking their best. Dead growth should be removed to prevent it from fouling the pond water. Keeping plants free of dead or dying foliage/flowers will also promote flowering and/or vegetative growth.

Probably the most important aspect of pond maintenance is the water quality and this is often overlooked. In order to be healthy, a pond must be in ecological balance. This is achieved through biological filtration and plants. Goldfish, koi, and other pond life expel highly toxic ammonia into the water through respiration and excretion of waste. The decomposition of organic matter such as leaves and cedar needles/berries, along with any runoff that might enter the pond, can also contribute to spiking ammonia levels. Testing of your pond water for ammonia, nitrite, and pH levels should be done at least once a month to ensure your water quality never dips to dangerous levels. There are many facets to water quality, if you would like more information, ask to speak to one of our service representatives. Over time, the build-up of decaying organic matter within the pond, and the natural biological filtration process will create a surplus of nutrients in the pond. While aquatic plants such as water lilies will utilize some of these nutrients, you may experience an algae bloom if steps are not taken to keep water quality optimal. The three types of algae most commonly encountered by pond owners are string algae (hair like growth that can grow to enormous size), single celled algae (or green water algae – looks like “pea soup”), and carpet algae (a thin layer of growth over liner, rocks, plant pots etc.). Whilst a small amount of algae in the pond, especially carpet algae, can be beneficial, in excess it is unsightly and starves other aquatic plants of nutrients. Prodigious algae blooms can also rob the pond of dissolved oxygen at night, which can cause pH swings and seriously upset fish. There are many ways to curb the growth of algae in the pond, and/or keep new growth from forming. Speak with a service representative for more detailed information on combating algae.

We at Pond Stars UK are happy to offer full service pond maintenance for your pond or water feature.