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SuperFish Koi Flow Air Pump Set


“ The superfish koi flow range of air pumps are supplied complete with plastic 6 way manifold, 6 airstones, 50 mtrs of airline and a replacement diaphragm kit.

Everything you need to get you started and supply that much needed oxygen to your pond.

What is the importance of an air pump for your pond?

Having a good oxygen level in your pond is important, without a good level of oxygen ratio in your pond, your fish will have nothing to breathe through their gills and can suffocate.

Increasing the oxygen levels in your pond increase the ability for your fish to thrive, alongside other aquatic wildlife.

How does an airpump work? An airpump works by pumping air into your pond through a hose, providing your pond with much need oxygen. The aeration stones take the air from the pump directly into your pond, distributing the air over the area of your pond.

An air pump is generally placed near the pond, often an underrated or even forgotten about piece of pond equipment, making a huge difference to the overall health and wellbeing of your pond.

Have you gone out to your pond to find that your fish have died overnight? Its highly likely that a lack of oxygen can be the cause, take the fear away by getting yourself an airpump!

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