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Velda Floating Skimmer

The Velda Pond skimmer simply floats on the surface of the pond and collects floating debris and waste. The waste is sent to an internal basket that is easily removed and cleaned.

The skimmer has an integral 2000 lph pump that can handle large quantities of waste easily without clogging (with regular cleaning of the basket), ideal for ponds with a 20m2 or less surface area.

Velda claims that this floating skimmer will even remove the dreaded duck week, so it is a great addition to the pond for those warmer months when algae can become a problem. The floating skimmer will remove the algae causing nutrients, so should help prevent the dreaded algae invasion!

Replacement filter sponges are available to purchase separately.

Every pond owner strives for a clean pond, the addition of a floating skimmer can help!

The pond skimmer floats on the surface of the water, continually processing surface water from the pond, removing dirt and debris as it comes through its filters. The debris is caught within the waste basket and filters, which can be easily cleaned.

The Velda floating pond skimmer comes ready to use, place in the pond and connect the cable to a fixed power source, the skimmer comes with 10mtrs of cable.

You will be able to tell when the skimmer needs emptying and cleaning as its draining of water decreases.

Want to stop removing the floating debris yourself….get a floating skimmer here…Velda Floating Skimmer


velda floating skimmer

Velda Floating Skimmer – Pond Cleaning made easy.